Dear Dazai,

Osaka and I have had a rough start, I feel as though we’ve misunderstood each other and that we might need a do-over. Perhaps it’s just me, but there’s a tiredness to me that means that I’ve found doing anything here hard work.

Not hard, nearly impossible.

Today is a new day and I’m hoping now that I’ve replenished my spoons, that I’ve rested a bit that I’ll enjoy it more. That movement, enjoyment won’t be a burden. That everything from this point will be an excitement, an adventure.

My attitude is one of the things that will have to change for that to happen. The worry about the things I can’t control, the knowledge that I can change the things I can, all of those things are mine now.

I can do this.

Tears don’t solve anything, but they are cathartic. They’re ablutions, cleansing and soothing.

The sun is out.