Challenge: Final Recap

Dear Dazai (and my awesome readers!)

It’s here, it’s finally ended and I can let you know what I’ve accomplished for my week. The things I managed, the things I didn’t quite manage, why some things got done and why some things didn’t (or maybe everything did! You’ll have to keep reading to find out) and to let you know what’s going to be happening this upcoming week because I’m in the middle of something so my blog posts might take on a different form.


Firstly, when it comes to organising I even surprised myself this week! I didn’t think I’d be as motivated or as efficient as I was when organising things, and I had to move the goal I’d set myself from the initial seven items I’d set myself to a grander plan of organising all the shelves in my bedroom. I managed it! All my shelves are now much better organised than they were, there are things in logical places and it’s much neater and easy to access everything and I’m feeling very pleased with myself. I’m hoping this is going to set a precedent moving forward.

As for the things I’m getting rid of, I’ve already organised a bag to take to the Salvos down the road and I’ve started gifting things to people that I know they’ll like. There’s still a lot to do in my apartment to get it to the point where I’m happy but I’m so pleased with how everything so far has turned out! I’m particularly excited that by doing it in this way it made me feel less overwhelmed by the task, by breaking it into smaller units, it’s seemed much more manageable, and I know people always say that, but usually I just worked myself up to a state where everything got done at once, or nothing got done at all. This is a much better approach for me.

Now, I’m sneaking this one in here second because I didn’t quite manage to achieve the goal that I set myself. There are a couple of reasons for this: one is that I signed myself up for GISH, which has been on my bucket list for several years now, and instead of sitting down and reading, I spent half a day being so excited for it, then excited when it actually started. That’s also the reason blog posts will be a bit different this week, so I can focus on GISH things! I’m sure you’re wondering what I didn’t achieve, and it was managing to read seven books. I’ve read five books this week and I’m really pleased that I did, and I’m going to try to carry this forward, but rather than reading seven, I started a couple of others and then never ended up finishing them. This is no comment on the books themselves, they seem awesome, but I simply found myself unable to focus. I’ll try to update and let you know when I finally sit down to read them, but that’s likely to be after this week.

In regards to Mae, which is my newest project, I acheived so much this week on it, but I wasn’t able to consistently devote two hours a day to it. Sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less, and sometimes I just looked at a blank screen and wondered why I ever decided to write anything ever. Even though I didn’t complete the original task I set myself, I’m so pleased I managed to get so much done, I’m finishing this week with two completed chapters and a small addendum to the story. I’ve got ideas where I want certain parts to go, I’m very familiar with my characters now and I’ve got a good base to work from, from here on out. I also took sometime from Mae to work on another project I have at the moment, but that’s something I’ll talk about another time.

As for Beatrice, there’s a brand new chapter up! I’m going to try and make sure those are up every fornight from here on out. I’m much more confident in what I’m doing with the story and I’m not going to make excuses about not doing it. The edits should be easier and I’m looking forward to you finally getting to read it!

Finally, this is the one that I managed with much less effort than I was imagining. Drinking two teas a day became second nature before I knew what was happening. In fact when I was thinking about writing this, I was concerned that today was the first day I hadn’t met my goal, but then I realised that I had two teas today, just one wasn’t at home and I hadn’t made it myself, so I’d forgotten to count it as one of my two teas.

I must admit the last few days I’ve been on a real matcha kick, after having the white tea again, I was craving that umami that comes from matcha. That fresh, earthy palate and so in the last two days I’ve had three matchas. I was tempted to make myself a koicha (a very thick version of matcha) but I think there’s something nice about having that when you’re sharing the experience with someone. So I simply had regular matcha. I’ve stuck with the same one from Kyoto, simply to make use of the same matcha as it has a slightly shorter shelf life than some other teas and I don’t want it to go to waste. I even had a matcha latte while I was out today, it wasn’t as good as the one in Swan Hill, but it was very tasty, making it on soy gives a slightly more savoury palate then making it on full cream milk, but I enjoy it in both respects, and I’m expecting everyone who reads this to go and drink all the matcha. Not for any of the new age hippie reasons that people now drink it, but for the tea itself.

Finally, my last tea for the week was the King’s Tea from Mariage Frères. It’s a blue tea that on the surface I shouldn’t be as fond of as I am, though I’m all for the blue teas at the moment, this has an almost overwhelming floral aroma when you open the tin and I generally am unfond of teas that are overly scented, floral or otherwise. It’s an interesting flavour profile when brewed, with notes of bergamot, rose and vanilla. The vanilla seems to temper the other two, so that they’re not as strong when drunk, rather they’re muted a little, which is a necessity when drinking this. It’s a spectacular tea, and all of the ones I’ve drunk this week were, even the white, and my greatest take away from this is that I love tea and I want to drink more of it!

Also everyone else should go out and drink more lovely teas, whatever form they may take for you, whether it’s an milky Earl Grey in the morning, or an iced tea with lunch or a proper bowl of matcha, drink tea because it’s wonderful!

I’m so happy that I did this, there’s sense of accomplishment here, even with the knowledge that I didn’t finish everything to the level that I wanted. I feel as though I’m more capable than I’ve felt in recent years. My anxiety often has me second guessing everything I do to the point where often I’m loathed to start it because I fear I’ll fail before even trying. This has shown me that’s it’s worth the try! That it won’t matter if I do fail, in whatever form, but it’s worth trying to start with!

I’m very excited moving forward to my GISH week and creating all sorts of weird and wonderful things! Doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things! And having a week where I can spend my evenings doing something that I personally never would have thought of!

Til the next post (which might be on Tuesday, because I did make mention of some surprises this week, but there didn’t end up being any, so I’ll try and make it up to you this week!).

Oh and there might be more of these weeks to come, I’m thinking maybe once a fortnight or something! I shall keep you informed!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, it’s meant the world!



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