Challenge Deux: Day Two

Dear Dazai,

I must admit this week didn’t exactly start off in the manner that I had originally intended and as a result I didn’t check in yesterday, because honestly, there was nothing to report. I spent yesterday evening, the time when I would usually do most of these things, having dinner with a friend. So as a result of that, which I’m very happy I did, I didn’t have anything to tell you about.

This day has proven a little the same, I’ve spent most of the evening on the phone talking to awesome people. Some of which I speak to every day and some of which, I speak to only occasionally but it does mean that I’m behind where I had intended to be by this stage, and to be honest, I’m feeling a little bit disheartened. I was genuinely hoping to be more successful than I was last time, or at least, achieve more of the goals I set myself.

So for the rest of the week I’ve got to get my skates on. The good news is that in regards to Mae, I have the next section plotted out in my head and I know where I want to take it. I’ve also run it past Nathaniel, who’s more of an expert in these stories than I am and got the thumbs up with how I’m intending to proceed, so I’m very happy about that. It might not seem like much, but it does mean that I feel more confident in my ability going forward.

I’ve got a small idea about the short story I want to write. It’s still sort of indistinct and amorphous in my mind, but I’ve got an idea about what I want to do with it moving forward, which is more than I had when I started. There’s not much to say, but at this point, there’s a library, a murder, revenge and some ghouls and goblins. I’m hoping for fabulous and dark things at the end of it.

There have been no shelves or drawers organised, but there will be. It will happen, I’m confident of that. Also I haven’t edited anything of Beatrice either, but there will be a new chapter on Sunday! I’ll make sure of it!

As of yet, I’ve lacked a brilliant idea of something to create, but I’ll let you know as soon as the inspiration hits. I also have the same two books I started by my bed, but I’m planning on reading them when I head off after posting this. I’m especially eager to get back to ‘Uprooted’ by Naomi Novik, I’m honestly not sure how I’ve had it put down for so long.

Finally, the only thing I’ve kept up with is the tea. I’ve had at least two teas every day, though there has been a lot of repitition in my teas. I’ve been drinking Earl Grey and matcha every day. They’re comforting and easy to drink, something that I’ve been craving. I’ll branch out as the week goes on, because there are lots of teas in my cupboard and I want to drink more of them.

Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday and the lack of progress today. I’m getting there, and I’ve been busy doing other things (stay tuned for possible announcements in the next month or so!) and today I did the very important thing of dyeing my hair a vibrant orange/red! This has been my greatest accomplishment this week (even if my fabulous hairdresser Ivy gets all the credit for it!) and I’m very excited about it moving forward.

Also as apologies I’m going to put my brave shoes on and post a tiny bit of the first draft of Mae again. Hope you enjoy it!





It had started with the blue hair.

Then it continued with her apartment. For her free afternoons after work, when usually she’d read or watch TV, she reorganised like a mad woman. It was such that a person with blue hair couldn’t live in her apartment, it was too sensible, too austere and she didn’t like anything.

She cleaned out all of the books she knew she’d never read again, got rid of all the DVDs that she’d never watch again, she put her bed under the window to make the most of the morning sun. Placed more than half of her clothes in garbage bags to be taken to the nearest op-shop. Anything that was beige or grey or brown was gone. That included sheets, chairs.

Mae spent the bonus she had been awarded for her work buying a new couch, one that was a vibrant royal purple, and new dining chairs of daffodil yellow. She reorganised her living room, so that when she had to work at home, her desk would be near the balcony so she could look out onto the plants she’d bought to liven the place up and to ensure that her rose wasn’t so lonely.

The walls were the last thing she was concerned about.

They were still blank, they’d been blank ever since she’d moved in, she’d never been able to commit to something that should be hung there. There had never been the right piece or the right size or spoke to her enough. So she’d told herself that bookshelves were all that she needed and ignored the desolate white walls that surrounded them, as if they were simply negative space.

Only now they weren’t just negative space, they were negative. There wasn’t enough of anything to them, the white was the wrong white, the fact that they were bare an eyesore, and for a second, Mae wondered if perhaps the blue hair had been too much too soon.

She bought a red velvet throw for the couch that afternoon to quell that thought.

And paid extra attention to the reflection in the mirror, the one that smiled brightly at her. Told her she was magnificent, that she wasn’t boring or safe or forgettable.

Mae had blue hair and she loved it.


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