Dear Dazai,

I’m having one of those moments where time seems to be both exceptionally long and short in a weird vicissitudinous state. It seems as if the last two weeks have lasted forever but also that they’ve passed by in an instant.

It’s a strange feeling.

I enjoy it because it’s meant I’ve been busy, very busy if I’m being honest. There’s been lots to do and not much time to do it all in. I’ve felt as though I’ve lived several lives in this very short period.  Each one slightly different from the last.

It is now less than two weeks til October and one thing that I’ve been excitedly working on behind the scenes is now almost here (can you feel the anticipation building?). And it’s taking forever to get here. But it’s also so close that I can touch it.

To coincide with that, I’m also planning on doing some other blogging. Not here, I’ll leave these letters here, as this is where they’ll belong, but I’m planning on doing some reviewing, and it doesn’t seem right to put them here.

So I’ll put them somewhere else. I’m thinking probably Facebook, but I’ll make sure to link everything once I know exactly how I want to do this.

I’m setting myself some new goals.

The current one is to try and read all the books I haven’t read in my house before I buy any more of them. To try and encourage me to actually do this, I’ll be posting reviews of everything I’m reading, with hopefully at least two a week (I’m thinking Tuesday and Friday).

Then I’ll also have exciting announcement all ready as well.

I’ve missed having something that I’m excited to work towards. Something that gives me purpose rather than making me a miserable wreck assured of my uselessness at any given time.

So this is it.

The time when all the things happen.

I’m a little anxious. I’m trying to be excited.




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