Media Sommelier

Dear Dazai (and other awesome people)

I realise that I haven’t been here this week but I’ve been very busy and a little overwhelmed by everything that’s happening. In fact, for a moment, I reconsidered doing this at all. It seemed like everyone was going to think that it was a stupid idea, that it was something that no one was ever going to want and that I was going to be seen as a fool.

It’s something that causes me a lot of anxiety, the idea of being seen as a fool. I have a lot of stock in the image that I present to world, and even with this blog, which has proven to be a crack in my facade, I still have an air of confidence, of certainty when I’m with the people I know. I value that. That’s important to me.

So after reading a very good book about confidence from The School of Life, I decided that it didn’t matter if people thought it was foolish, if they thought I was foolish, that this was something I was passionate about it and therefore it was worth pursuing. That I might be a fool but that was ok.

We’re all fools afterall.

So if you’re interested (and this is some shameless self-promotion) feel free to check out my new business venture, @deardazai on Facebook for more details. I know I’ve been giving out annoying hints for ages now about it but this is it. This is the launch.

It would mean everything if you’d check it out, let me know what you think.

Even if you think it’s foolish.




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