Dear Dazai

I’m having a bit of a media renaissance at the moment, a time when lots of media I’ve been imbibing has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. For the most part.

There’s been stories lately that have really captured my attention, even when I’ve put them down, I wonder why when I pick them back up. I’ve also been sharing them with the people I love.

I’m a big believer that the things we read and watch are big parts of who we are. We may have many things that happen in our lives and interests that don’t relate to it but these things are so indicative of who we are. Without creating our own media these are the small fragments of our soul that we’re offering to others.

It’s why it’s always so personal.

It’s why we’re inclined to claim ownership over it, to offer it up as our own, because in a way it is. It’s that part of us. And it takes great strength to recuse ourselves from that. To not worry if someone doesn’t like it because that’s not our reflection, not all of it.

So I think we should all go out and offer up these fragments, embrace and cherish them, knowing what they are. We have so little genuine offerings but this is as pure as it gets.


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