Dear Dazai,

I haven’t written anywhere near the amount I would usually like to in a week. Too focused on new endeavours and worrying some old worries. Now, as I sit here trying my best to think of something worthwhile to write, I cannot conjure the right thoughts.

It doesn’t help that generally although I’m happy to be open and honest about my own feelings, I don’t want to speak for others. Not when the can’t defend themselves and the mantra that my father taught me, runs through my head.

It won’t matter how many times you say sorry, you can’t ever take back the words.

Every action, especially in my adult life, has been governed by these words. I worry constantly that should I say what I’m truly thinking that I shall burn all my bridges. So I choose instead not to say anything, merely think of all the things I would say should I not have this one concern.

So tonight, even though I’ve missed writing any other posts this week, I’m going to make it short and say this. That this week, I’m uninspired and lack things I’m able to honestly say.

I’ll try better next week.


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