Dear Dazai,

It’s been more than a week and I’ve fallen behind keeping up with this. I could make lots of excuses about how busy I’ve been, there’s the new business, the general looking for work, other writing and it seems at though I’m having a bit of a renaissance when it comes to the media in my life.

It’s been a while since I’ve really clicked with something, apart from Brooklyn Nine Nine, which I do realise I’m very late to the game with, and The Good Place, also late to it, I know. I seem to do that. I don’t like things when everyone first starts talking about them but I often like them later, once I’ve gone back to them.

I’ve done it with a lot of media in my life.

For me though, since 2016, apart from an excellent season of Shokugeki no Soma and the discovery of The Seven Deadly Sins, I’ve been hankering for some awesome anime. Something that was really going to resonate with me. It seems as though lots of those things have recently arrived.

I’ve spent the latter part of this evening watching ‘Tsurune’ and I’m having some serious nostalgia when watching it. It combines a lot of elements from my favourite sports anime (Hikaru no Go and Yuri on Ice particularly) and it’s got a mysterious mentor that’s secretly awesome, which is a trope I absolutely cannot resist.

Fairy Tail has also returned for its final season and I’ve missed it since it was last on in 2015, I started watching The Seven Deadly Sins to get my fix of something similar. Not the magical element, but the heart of it. Anime has this wonderful way of creating shows that have this wonderful heart at the centre. It’s hard to put your finger on but its something I don’t find in other things I watch. It’s just something that anime does better than any other media.

So that’s my excuse, except that it’s not an excuse. I started up a business so I could spend my days talking to people about things I watch and read and listen to. This is simply an extension of that.

It’s how I’ll justify it to myself.

I’ll try to write again sooner.



Small note about the picture for this post, a friend of mine gave me this many years ago and I legitimately have no idea who created it but it’s one of my favourite pieces ever.


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