Dear Dazai,

It’s been a day of presents today. Actually this week has for the most part been giving in a positive way. I received some good news regarding some work I’d done a while back, which is always excellent to hear and today I got a present from Amelia. It’s a little early (it’s for my birthday but we’re not quite there yet).

Amelia’s present made me tear up in the best possible way. The amount of thought and consideration that went into it is beyond any expectation that I have regarding presents. It was so beautiful and exactly what I would have chosen for myself.

I’ve always maintained that there’s an art to gift giving, that sure it is the thought that counts, but that’s so much more obvious when people have put some thought into it. The monetary value is nothing in comparison to a gift that someone has invested some time and effort into. All of my treasured items, the things I’ve been given by people I love, all come under that category. From my Seiran and Sai dolls (handmade and the only ones of their kind), my signed Tamaki picture, my Muppet shoes and glass, my horse cartoons, my Tintin posters, and so many more than I can possibly mention. These are all things I cherish because of the effort that people put into them.

I also try to do the same when I buy presents, as I’ve been doing today – getting a jump start on the Christmas rush. I spend time and consideration, sometimes neither or those things when I see something I know the person will like, but I pride myself on my ability to find things that will mean things to people. Things that they’ve wanted and not found, or talked about once, or something that I know they’re passionate about. It’s a catalogue that I build each time I see someone and speak to them. I take each small detail they mention and file it away for use later.

So it’s been a good week, because I’ve felt remembered, special. And that’s what a present should do.


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