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Ones I’ve written now that I feel that I’ve got a good grip on my anxiety.


Dear Dazai, So my grand plans of writing more regularly fell into one ginormous heap. Literally.Or figuratively. Your choice. I honesty sat down to write something several times, but I wasn’t able to think of anything to say. I was simply staring at a blank … Continue reading Rethink


Dear Dazai It’s hard when people we care about have episodes, episodes where their reality is out of sync with everyone else. Where they see something or feel something that the rest of the world doesn’t. It’s hard being that person too. Especially when we … Continue reading Help


Dear Dazai, I’m having one of those moments where time seems to be both exceptionally long and short in a weird vicissitudinous state. It seems as if the last two weeks have lasted forever but also that they’ve passed by in an instant. It’s a … Continue reading Time


Dear Dazai, Tonight’s letter shall be short. I’m tired and desperately craving sleep but I wanted to write to you. It feels like we’ve been distant for some time. That thought makes writing this harder than usual, as if there’s a bridge to cross and … Continue reading Short